Compensation Cash ESOP
40-70L 0.2%-0.5%
Manages 8-10 people team
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Or email at [email protected]

About Invesmint

At Invesmint, we’re building multi-asset data-led investing platform for a global investor base.

We believe people should be able discover, invest and participate in high growth potential investing opportunities across various investable assets locally and internationally — Stocks, Mutual funds, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies etc. etc. with a data backed reasoning behind it.

Our money is limited. At any point in time, can we put it to best use? This is the problem you’d be solving.


We’re looking to build a foundational team with strong skills and personal motivations to join an investments startup.

If you join us, you'll be a founding team member who helps define:

  1. Future company culture and principles
  2. Engineering practices
  3. People to hire
  4. The direction & focus for Invesmint’s products

What’s the role like

As the Head of Engineering, you’d be working with cross functional teams and heading engineering efforts and processes across all engineering verticals.

<aside> 💡 No “X years of experience” pre-requisite with this role.

Chat with us if you’re a senior developer who sees yourself fitting into these shoes.


Desired strong hands-on experience

  1. Scalable systems design and architecture skills
  2. Database designing using RDBMS like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MSSQL
  3. Framework led Backend development using Python, NodeJS, or Golang
  4. Applied data structures and algorithms
  5. AWS or your preferred PaaS for infrastructure management and monitoring
  6. SDLC, Git, Shell scripting, Docker, and whatever it takes to run production grade software with high confidence and uptime

Good to have experience